Taiwan's contemporary Hsino-style bamboo architecture began to sprout more than a decade ago. Following the appearance of several works at the Agricultural Fair in 2013, a growing movement of bamboo construction began. Temporary or permanent bamboo constructions began to appear in different parts of Taiwan. IN ADDITION, TRACES OF BAMBOO HAVE BEEN FREQUENTLY FOUND AMONG ART FESTIVAL SCENIC WORKS IN RECENT YEARS. BAMBOO HAS BECOME ONE OF THE POPULAR CREATIVE MATERIALS USED TO CREATE LARGE-SCALE INSTALLATIONS. In order to systematically cultivate the talents and craftsmen of architectural design in New Sung, the government has in recent years collaborated with civic groups (Forestry and Nature Conservation Department of Agriculture and the Taiwan Bamboo Association) to promote the “Bamboo Construction Talent Development Program” to guide young designers and university students to study and experiment with bamboo construction. Through a complete process of design to implementation, effective cultivation patterns, and the production of excellent experimental bamboo constructions, public displays suggest possible plans and directions for the future application of bamboo in the field of construction.

Launched in 2021, the project invited a team of designers and university students to engage in the study and design development of bamboo architecture. Thirteen pieces of bamboo architecture were developed between 2021 and 2022, which have survived to this day. The bamboo construction operation, called “Building Bamboo Forest Iron”, lasted for two years. The work was distributed in the Chiayi City and Alishan Forest Railway line station spaces, becoming a major focus of the exhibition in the Chiayi area of the 2024 Bamboo Expo. For the past history of “Bamboo Forest Iron”, see:

For the past history of “Bamboo Forest Iron”, see:
2021 Bamboo Forest Iron: Taiwan Bamboo Design Wave
2022 Bamboo Forest Iron New Architecture Exhibition

Launched in 2023, the bamboo construction series will move the works from Chiayi to Hsinchu City and Douliu City, respectively, at the Guangfu Campus of National Yangming Chiao Tung University and the Doughnut Factory Park. The Bamboo Construction Action of 2023 is called “Island Construction Bamboo”, and the following is a statement of the architectural curation: “We came back from the mountains, carrying bamboo traces, and walked into the crowd. We are reunited with our old minds in a new way.” “ISLAND-MADE BAMBOO” ORIGINATES FROM A SERIES OF BAMBOO CREATION CAMPAIGNS IN 2021, WHICH AIMS TO SHOWCASE THE DIVERSE ECOLOGY, CULTURE AND INDUSTRY OF THE ISLAND'S LAND. Continuing the development of the previous two “Building Bamboo Forest Iron - New Architecture Exhibition” on the basis of the development of construction types and joints, this one with the theme of “trust” is the theme of “trust”. Through seven different works, bamboo construction is integrated into people's daily lives! Launched in 2023, seven works were completed consecutively in 2024 and became part of the Hsinchu Exhibition Area and Yunlin Exhibition Area.

The progress of this section can be seen:

The term “building” is often used to refer to lightweight structures that do not reach the level of habitation. Architecture is a good building R&D vector and can also be a good space creation; experiment and creation as a starting point to advance towards the goal of sustainable and sustainable architecture. Among the exhibits of the 2024 Bamboo Fair, the works of “Bamboo Forest Iron” and “Island-made Bamboo” are distributed in Chiayi, Hsinchu and Douliu regions, and in other exhibition areas there are also excellent bamboo constructions. For example, in the stone wall area of Yunlin exhibition area, there are many new permanent bamboo structures created by professional architects; in the market in the Caotun area of Nantou exhibition area, there are also newly constructed bamboo structures. Many beautiful bamboo structures, presenting a new style of application of bamboo in the field of construction, are waiting for you to discover and taste the details!

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