See the bamboo art and get to know the animals of Li Shan in Taiwan!

Bamboo Art - Ryayama Animal Bamboo Art Exhibition

On Furi's beautiful land surrounded by bamboo forests and rice fields, an unrivalled exhibition of Rizhan animal-bamboo art is under way, with the participation of three talented artists — Professor Liu Zhe An, Teacher Chen Shuinan and Professor Chen Quan Wing. Using an ingenious method of traditional bamboo art, they visualize a variety of Taiwanese lishan animals into a large bamboo assemblage, including the Taiwanese black bear, Taipei tree frog, stone tiger, Taiwan fox, mantis, crab mongoose, crowned owl, and more, conveying the artists' love of nature and the call to protect biodiversity。 Next to the Bamboo Life Market, there is a selection of bamboo product displays. From living bamboo props, fun bamboo toys, bamboo charcoal snacks, perfume tools, and more. It includes a diverse bamboo art culture, leading a life of elegance accompanied by bamboo.

Side by side is a special event in Furi Village - “Straw Art Season ~ Animal Stalking. Song of the Wild Wings”. Freely played by local tribal communities and artists who are imprisoned by serving farmers, use skillful weaving and construction techniques and using natural materials such as straw, bamboo... to create an amazing range of natural materials such as straw, bamboo... Creative animal works that are flexible and come to life! The most impressive works are the six-meter-high bamboo and straw orchards, a special painting composed of huge works and earthly landscapes that amaze and amaze visitors constantly. COMBINING THE RECYCLED USE OF STRAW AGRICULTURAL WASTE WITH THE HERITAGE OF SEVERAL LOCAL LOST BAMBOO INDUSTRIES, IT SHOWS A LANDSCAPE IN HARMONY WITH MAN AND NATURE.

Invite you into this wonderful world of straw and bamboo art and explore the amazing sight of a child and rediscover that pure and true connection with nature.

Hualien Exhibition Area Information

Exhibition Period: 2024.03.30 - 04.07
LIVE EVENTS: 03.30 - 04.07
Venue:Around Furi Village Farmers' Association Luoshan Exhibition Center
Opening hours: 8:00 - 17:00
Customer Service Center:
Luoshan Agricultural Products Exhibition Center
(No.9, 9, East Lake, Luoshan Village, Fuli Township, Hualien County)
Traffic information:
See detailsHualien County Fuli Township Farmers' Association Website Enquiry

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Introduction to the Sub-Exhibition Area

Bamboo Charcoal Tea Room
A carbon-themed exhibition space

Takenotsuki - Bamboo Charcoal Interior Decoration Application Exhibition

Using various materials such as bamboo carbon and wood carbon for building decoration materials, such as bamboo carbon coating materials for walls, moisture-absorbing and moisture-proof wood and bamboo carbon constructions for foundations, tatami mats and other wood bamboo carbon materials, etc.; and carbon painting art created by Teacher Wong Jing Chung Product displays to make the public understand the many uses of bamboo charcoal.

In a small indoor space, the black bamboo tea room concentrates the elegant charm of bamboo charcoal life! Tatami contains a large amount of bamboo charcoal, bringing a clean and fresh air. Beautiful black bamboo charcoal lacquer on the walls, hanging handmade bamboo lamps, and the indoor plant and texture of the bamboo plant and texture, exude a natural and elegant atmosphere. Artist Huang Jing Chung uses scrap bamboo charcoal, cleverly combining Italian mosaic techniques with traditional Taiwanese glue-cutting techniques. Inspired by the beautiful Luoshan Waterfall in Fuli Township, he created the charcoal painting “Endless #5”. After life twists and shocks, he will finally find balance and tranquility and radiate deep. Intrinsic meaning and emotion. This space not only feels the application value of bamboo charcoal in low-carbon buildings, but also deeply embodies the philosophy of green sustainability and life. Welcome to experience it in person and let the charm of bamboo charcoal nourish your life and soul.

Fuchu Tea Room Tea Seating Experience

Stepping into the Mocho Tea Room, you will be led into a unique tea table experience, immersed in the elegant beauty of bamboo charcoal and the natural freshness of the tea aroma. Here, tea is not only a pleasure to savor, but also to experience the earthy charm of Rakuishiyama International Award-winning Tea Garden.

Our carefully selected tea, a natural gift from the Rucoski Mountains, will present the unique taste of this land to you, to feel its unique climate and soil, the richness and taste of glycol that it produces. Each cup of tea is like a journey, leading you through the Rishan Tea Garden. Here, time seems to slow down, and we cordially invite you to come to this poetic and philosophical black bamboo tea room to feel the tranquility of the years in the faint aroma of tea.

Information about Shimazhu Tea Room Exhibition

Exhibition Name: Endless #5 /Endless #5
Creator: Wong Jingzhong

MOCHU TEA ROOM OPENING HOURS: 3.30 (SAT) - 04.07 (SUN) 08:00-17:00, FREE VISIT
Fuchu Tea Room Location:Fucha-Tong- Hualien South District National Produce and Agricultural Forestry Subproducts Promotion Center (No. 197 Zhongshan Road, Furi Township, Hualien County)

Sub-exhibition area

Event Hours: 03.30 (Sat) - 04.07 (Sun) 08:00-17:00
Event Fee: Free Visit

Takenogito-Bamboo Recycling Exhibition Area (Venue: Luoshan Camping Area)

The hot water produced by calcined bamboo charcoal is cooled, the bamboo vinegar solution produced by the charcoal is added to create a warm foot bath, and guests can relax. Equipment such as cutting bamboo, shredded bamboo, and burnt bamboo charcoal will be displayed on site. The circular farming of bamboo is introduced.

Takenoyu - Bamboo Forest Healing Living Space (Location Bamboo Forest Walk, next to Laoshan Big Fish Pond)

Stroll along the tranquil and beautiful bamboo forest trail, look back at the mountains of Tsing Tsuen Mountain and enjoy the healing of five senses of immersive nature.

Dynamic Activities

Slow down the pace of life and listen carefully to the conversation between the environment and yourself.

For three years, Furi has built a bamboo trail that belongs to the local area. Wishing to attract visitors to participate in the Fuli-style life through environmental construction, gradually using bamboo, gradually designing related experiences such as bamboo walking, listening to bamboo carols, bamboo spa, rice paddling, etc. We hope that visitors will be able to relax and listen carefully to the environment and their conversations after entering Furi. We also hope that visitors can achieve their purpose of relaxing and relaxing from the peaceful life of Fuli.

As far as food is concerned, the locals have taken the life wisdom crystal. They will learn about the life of Furi through taste and experience the excellent bamboo life of Furi through taste.

Bamboo cane made of bamboo bamboo, leads the body to relax stretches, walk along the bamboo forest path, and naturally soothe the body.

Experience the tranquility and relief brought by elegant bamboo treatment. Let's try the revitalization of the eco-friendly bamboo spa with rounded bamboo in the fragrance to help relax your shoulders.

Experience 3: Miki Kato (Venue Luoshan Camping Area Classroom)
Furi organic rice, fried with bamboo props, is placed in the rice paddy, to experience the relaxing comfort of rice hot shiki, and to support Riyama's eco-friendly agriculture.

Event Fee: Free registration for the three experiences at each event venue. 3/30-4/7 is open daily from 9:00-11:00, 12:00-14:00, 15:00-17:00 for three hours, and 20 people are accepted on site for each session, subject to availability.

Please refer to the event detailsEvent Website

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