Make bamboo a part of everyday cultural design.


Due to the unique natural environment in Taiwan, various bamboos are widely distributed throughout the island, and the bamboo craft industry can be seen from this path, whether from a historical timeline or a response to contemporary issues, the bamboo trail from ordinary life into the halls of art.

The exhibition area will focus on the “Living Crafts and Crafts Life” goals of the Crafts Center initiative to present the connecting path of Taiwan's craftsmanship from supporting the economic bamboo industry, innovative design cooperation in bamboo art, and exploring the future of bamboo art combining contemporary technology and material experimentation. The three main themes of “Artistic Dialogue”, “International Joint Venture” and “Technology Cross-domain” present Taiwan's overall bamboo craftsmanship.

Nantou Exhibition Area Information
Venue 1: National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Center Caotun Park

Exhibition Period: 2024.4.16 - 4.28

Dynamic Activity: 4.21

Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00

Venue 2:Sandshoe Dun Ashe Square

Takehiko Market

Date: 4.13 - 14, 4.20 - 21

Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00

Customer Service Center:Handicraft Centre Service Desk (573 Zhongzheng Road, Chaotun Town, Nantou County)

Exhibition Activities (1)

“Takehō City” Market with Bamboo Installation Artworks

In addition to displaying two bamboo installations and holding a parent-child bamboo market, the venue is looking forward to attracting more people to learn more about bamboo materials and using bamboo processing techniques in the Nantou region, as well as exhibiting local delicacies and agricultural products. Residents will get acquainted with the historic building “Grass Shoe Dun Yasha” in advance. The market will also include DIY experiences with bamboo products and performances by street artists.

Exhibition Hours: 4.16 (Mon) - 4.28 (Day)
Market Hours: 4.13 - 14, 4.20 - 21 (Sat, Sun)
Event Venue:Sandshoe Dun Ashe Square
Event Address: No. 579-3, 579-4, Zhongzheng Road, Chutun Town, Nantou County

Exhibition Activities (2)

Bamboo Craft Exhibition
Itineraries related to the World Bamboo Forum

In addition to the Bamboo Craft Exhibition, international dialogue events related to the World Bamboo Forum and Bamboo Culture Tours, including Bamboo Art Demonstration, Bamboo Book Exhibition, Bamboo Art Experience Event, Bamboo Shan Bamboo Art Tour, etc., Bamboo Craft Exchange Night and Forum Closing.

Bamboo Craft Exhibition Time: 4.16 (Mon) - 4.28 (Day)

World Bamboo Forum Time: 4.22 (1)

Takeshan Bamboo Art Tour: 4.21 (days)

Bamboo Art Experience Event: 4.21 (day)

Bamboo Art Technology Demonstration Seminar: 4.21 (day)

Bamboo Book Exhibition: 4.21 (Sun) -4.22 (1)

Event Venue:Design Museum of National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Center

Dynamic Activities

Bamboo Art Experience

A hands-on experience of living bamboo art is available, with limited registration.

Event Hours: 4.21 (days)

Bamboo Art Technology Demonstration Event

Taiwanese bamboo artisans produce live performances open to the general public.

Event Hours: 4.21 (days)

For details of live events in Nantou Exhibition Area, please seeCommunity Page

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