2024 Bamboo Expo and World Bamboo Forum

“2024 Bamboo Expo” is Taiwan's first exhibition with the theme of “bamboo”. The exhibition features six aspects of planting, technique, architecture, art, education, and the development of Taiwan's bamboo culture and related industries. 2024 Bamboo Expo is set in a special “go center” and “go to the place of bamboo” rather than the usual centralized exhibition. The overall fair is distributed in five regions, covering the cities of Hsinchu, Nantou, Yunlin, Chiayi, Hualien, etc. Five exhibition areas with their own special content, Ravanban takes place, responds to the common theme of “Bamboo”, a wide variety of exhibitions and events, inviting you to come to the “Place of Bamboo”, get acquainted with bamboo and experience the beauty of bamboo!

The “World Bamboo Forum” section invites people from all countries in the bamboo sector to come and interact with Taiwan's local professionals. The forum is located in Hsinchu and Nantou, covering the three main directions of “Sustainable Development and the Green Economy”, “Technology and Manufacturing Innovation” and “Contemporary Design Applications”. Key members and researchers from across the national and domestic bamboo industries gathered to discuss the green economy, processing manufacturing and innovative applications of bamboo in the next generation as the international carbon reduction trend evolves.

With the core spirit of “Next-Generation Bamboo Next Generation Bamboo” at its core, the 2024 Bamboo Expo and the World Bamboo Forum look forward to promoting bamboo industry and culture to a new level through content combing, exhibiting and deep academic exchanges with industry; in a global era of environmental and ecological sustainability, Taiwan synchronizes with the world to adopt bamboo Towards sustainable and low-carbon development, working for the future of the next generation!

Next-Generation Bamboo
Bamboo for the Next Generation

Taiwan has a good resource of bamboo forests, and the high quality of bamboo forests and bamboo materials in the low-medium altitude mountains are a valuable resource in Taiwan. Bamboo has been widely used in the past, ranging from tools in everyday life to large buildings, where bamboo has a body shadow that permeates life, is a material that people are more familiar with. Bamboo is not only a material, but also a part of culture. Bamboo contains its rustic, versatile, flexible and adaptable qualities, which bring a unique thought and spirit that have long been introduced into the indigenous culture. However, in the process of modernization, the large-scale production of mechanical processes and the use of artificial materials, the use of bamboo has gradually decreased, bamboo has gradually faded from everyday life, and the bamboo industry in Taiwan has not returned to its former glory.

Globally, in recent years, due to the need for environmental sustainability and energy-saving carbon reduction, countries around the world have become increasingly aware of the characteristics of bamboo: extremely fast growth, strong fibers, coupled with the ability to convert wood more than twice as much solid carbon and oxygenation. EVEN IN AREAS WHERE BAMBOO DOES NOT GROW, THERE ARE SCHOLARS WHO ARE ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF BAMBOO APPLICATIONS, TO RESEARCH AND INNOVATE BAMBOO WITH TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH; THROUGH A DEEP SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE OF BAMBOO, BUT ALSO THROUGH COMPOSITE MATERIALS, TO INCREASE THE PERFORMANCE OF BAMBOO MATERIALS. Under the global collective consensus on the pursuit of environmental sustainability and the urgent need for “net zero carbon emissions”, bamboo has become an important element with great potential for development. Under the changing environmental conditions, the concepts of “bamboo substitute” and “bamboo production” have gradually become Epiphany.

The “2024 Bamboo Expo and World Bamboo Forum” is a landmark event in Taiwan in the bamboo sector in 2024, and a declaration of rerecognition and appreciation of “bamboo”. In this era of global change and new challenges, face “bamboo” and “Cheng Sen” also “after its opening”: cherish the bamboo culture we possess, reconnect the bamboo industry and culture in Taiwan, and actively embrace the future, think about the future application of bamboo with new knowledge and technology, for the environment and Ecological sustainability makes a greater contribution. As revealed by the main visual design of this event, this action, combined with domestic and foreign unit organizations and multiple exhibitions, embodies the four spirits and aspirations of “combing”, “organizing”, “reshaping”, “projecting”: combing the development links of the Taiwanese bamboo industry and culture, facilitating the related organizations and People's communication and community building, revisiting the conditions, opportunities and challenges of related fields, thinking about the future development of bamboo in the next generation!

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