A healing resting base that transforms desolate bamboo forests and blends the aesthetics of the environment.


Based on local materials, this exhibition area combines the aesthetics of the environment, transforming the desolate bamboo forest into a healing resting base, while repairing the scars of the past land to heal the environment.

The exhibition area is divided into two zones. The public area is mainly aimed at general visitors and tour operators. It includes several loop lines for visitors to choose from. Easy-to-maintain and durable materials are used in the facilities to increase the useful life of the facility.

The Quiet Zone uses the landscaped bamboo landscape and conditions such as the fluffy undergrowth covering of the bamboo forest to promote the healing experience. For customers seeking a deep experience, keep a distance from the public area to block out noise and noise. The facilities related to inner meditation and healing courses were designed and the forest healing festival was organized in conjunction with this bamboo fair.

Yunlin Exhibition Area Information

Exhibition Period: 2024.4.19 - 4.28
LIVE EVENTS: 04.19 - 28
Venue 1:Ishibi Bamboo Chongsen Park (Fiyuen Corner)
Venue 2:Douliu Sugar Factory - Bamboo Chao Base
Opening hours: 10:00 - 15:00
Customer Service Center:
Wuyuan Two Corner (81-5, Caoling Township, Gu Hang Township, Yunlin County)

Traffic information:
Event parking is set up in the vicinity of Jiukujingi, and a free shuttle bus is provided. The destination is a shuttle service from Tohiki Mountain Villa to Ishibi Tsukamiki to Ishibi Chukumori Park (both corners of Five), which will improve the convenience of the whole event.

Weekend High Speed Rail Transfer Service
On weekends, schedule a round trip on a large bus from the HFi-Hi-Hi-Rong Hi-Rong Hi-Rong and transfer to Ishibu Chuo Chongsen Park (Fiyuan-dong) on the Central Bus Transfer at Tobi Village.

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Dynamic Activity (1)

Activities related to Ishibu Chumori Park

Self-guided sports experience, bamboo therapy market (including bamboo craft DIY course), forest therapy workshop, fluorescent camping (two meals with bamboo table), free daily shuttle; VIP event reception - guided tour and workshop classes.
Event Venue:Ishibi Chukwu Chongsen Area 

Self-guided healing experience in Ishibu Chumori Park

Event Hours: 04.19 (Fri) - 04.28 (Sun)

Bamboo Healing Market

Event Hours: 04.19 - 21 (Fri - Sun), 04.26 - 28 (Fri - Sun)
Event Fee: Free


Event Hours: 04.19 (Fri) - 04.28 (Sun)
Event fee: Paid registration (see detailsEvent Website )

Fluorescent Camping (2 meals each)

Event Hours: 04.26 (Fri) - 04.27 (Sat)
Event fee: Paid registration (see detailsEvent Website )
See live event information in Ishibi areaEvent Website

Exhibition Activities (1)

Activities related to Douliu Sugar Factory - Bamboo Chung Base

Event Venue:Activities related to Douliu Sugar Factory - Bamboo Chung Base 

Exhibition of Island Bamboo Works

Event Hours: 04.19 (Fri) - 04.28 (Sun)

Puyuma Bamboo Composition Course Outcomes Exhibition

Event Hours: 04.19 (Fri) - 04.28 (Sun)
For live event information in Douliuk Sugar Factory area, please seeEvent Website

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