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2024 WBC World Bamboo Forum is now open for domestic registration!

“For the first time, let the whole world see Taiwan with bamboo!” 2024 is an important time for the Taiwanese bamboo sector to move internationally. The World Bamboo Congress (WBC) is the largest international exchange event under the World Bamboo Organization (WBO), the world's most important bamboo organization, covering academic, industrial and socio-cultural orientations. Taiwan Bamboo Association is vying to host the 12th World Bamboo Congress, which will be held in Hsinchu on April 18-20, 2024 and April 21-22 in Nantou.

In recent years, the issues of net zero carbon emissions and environmental sustainability have taken off in the world. Bamboo has received worldwide attention and various programs and studies are being rapidly promoted. The 2024 WBC has completed international enrolments, with over 200 internationally important experts and industry figures from 28 countries, more than 200 internationally important experts and industry figures, and more than 100 papers have been submitted. This forum is an excellent opportunity for exchange on the theme of bamboo. It includes Hsinchu (Guangfu Campus of National Yang Ming Chiao University) and Nantou (National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Center), combining various activities such as academic seminars, workshops, guided tours of bamboo works, craft exhibitions and trade shows.

The theme of the 2024 World Bamboo Forum is “Next-Generation Bamboo”, covering the three main directions of green economy, innovation technology and design applications, with 17 heavyweight speakers from different countries sharing the latest developments around the world.

We invite professionals from all sides of Taiwan who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic or have suggestions about the development of bamboo to eagerly register for the 2024 World Bamboo Forum!

Please fill in the registration form below
(Registration is open until 24 March 2024. Quotas are limited and there is a screening mechanism. Please refer to the registration form for details)

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