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Take a day at Takezaki to experience a rich bamboo experience! #嘉義展區 #竹構漫遊主題列車

Steam train is ready to start. Let's go to Takesaki together

This weekend's upcoming limited event is in Takezaki. Join us on a steam train for a unique tour!

A guided tour of bamboo works
Limited number of commemorative thunderbolt bamboo tickets
Limited Time Bamboo Bento
2-Day Bamboo Handmaking Experience
Experience Nostalgic Bamboo Kids Play
What are the limited markets? Visit us to know.

Quotas are limited, don't let any doubt stop your bamboo journey:https://afrch.forest.gov.tw/0000501

——/ Forest Iron Construction Bamboo——

✧ Bamboo Forest Railway Ecological and Aesthetic Exhibition

Time|3/16min to 4/28min

Location|Crossroads Station

✧ Chasing the train ~ play to the crossroads!

Departure Date|3/20, 4/17

✧ Take the steam train to play in Takezaki!

Departure Date|3/23, 3/24

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