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In 2018, the Taiwan Bamboo Association (WBO) tried hard to organize the World Bamboo Forum (WBC). Due to the pandemic, the World Bamboo Association confirmed that the 12th World Bamboo Forum in 2024 will be held in Taiwan in 2022. With the support of the Administration, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Nature Conservation works with the Ministry of Culture of the National Taiwan The Crafts Research Development Center and Taiwan Bamboo Association jointly organized the “2024 Bamboo Expo and World Bamboo Forum” in cooperation with central and local authorities (organizations) for the first time in five regions of Taiwan, which will be officially launched on Saturday, March 16, Showcasing the diverse applications of bamboo materials in life, crafts and construction, the World Bamboo Forum is expected to bring together more than 200 international bamboo industry experts from 30 countries and invite international speakers to share the development of the global bamboo industry under the net zero trend, reshaping the new landscape of bamboo culture in the next generation.

This Bamboo Expo exhibition area spans all of Taiwan's cities. The exhibition focuses on six aspects of “planting” (technique) (architecture) (art) (art) (art) (education), architecture, construction, craft design, handicraft experiences, therapeutic tours and markets. Visit the place of bamboo to experience Taiwan's bamboo culture A brand new feast. The World Bamboo Forum will be held from April 18 to April 22 in Hsinchu Exhibition Area and Nantou Exhibition Area. Members and researchers from the domestic and foreign bamboo industry will gather to discuss the green economy, processing manufacturing and innovative applications of bamboo in the process of developing international carbon reduction trends.

The five thematic areas of the Bamboo Expo are located in Hsinchu, Nantou, Yunlin, Chiayi, Hualien, etc. It will continue from March 16 to April 28, 2024. Each theme is planned to present the diverse aspects of bamboo and combine local leisure tourism resources with works exhibitions and a series of experiential events to link the bamboo industry The ingenious fusion of innovative breakthroughs with the pulses of contemporary life. This also includes a collaborative development by the Food and Drug Administration and the introduction of a low-carbon vegetable “Bamboo Feast” with the theme of bamboo for the first time.


The first to open the opening of the exhibition, “Forest Iron Architectural Bamboo”, which opened its doors, featured 13 large bamboo constructions, distributed in Chiayi Manufacturing Plant, Garage Park, Chuzaki Station, Liyuan Station, Suisheliu Station and Crossroads Station. The Alishan Forestry Railway theme train, which connects the stations to the bamboo structures, gives people the opportunity to admire the bamboo constructions, feel the variety of bamboo applications in construction, and the beauty of the bamboo structure blends with the environment.


Immediately on display at the Hualien exhibition area, “Takuma Tiandi”, cleverly showcases the rich facets of Rishan bamboo culture. The artists skillfully use traditional bamboo weaving techniques to transform bamboo into a flexible Riyama animal to convey the harmony of people and nature. The light market shows the cultural charm of bamboo life. Take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful bamboo trails, and do not forget to stop by the bamboo recycling area. A comfortable foot bath heated by the bamboo charcoal process, the “black bamboo tea room”, decorated with bamboo charcoal, provides an immersive tea sitting experience that leads visitors to explore the limitless possibilities of bamboo in life.

Hsinchu Exhibition Area April 12 ~ April 28

Hsinchu Exhibition Area Theme “Bamboo! 3”, that is, three places to visit: Hsinchu X Yangmingjiao Dai X Bamboo, including an exhibition of island architecture on the Guangfu campus of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, and a market event at Tseung Jun Village in Hsinchu. Six pieces of bamboo architecture will be exhibited on the island, combining contemporary architectural design and bamboo art techniques to showcase the experimental spirit and new look of bamboo structures. The market event at Tseung Jun Village in Hsinchu combines 30 special stalls such as bamboo, wood and various natural media creations, green food and a rich handicraft experience. The market also features a special exhibition on bamboo forest management. The 12th World Bamboo Forum will be held in this exhibition area, which will focus on the three main pillars of “Sustainability and the Green Economy”, “Technology and Processing Innovation”, “Contemporary Design and Application”. The theme of the bamboo industry will focus on the three main pillars of the bamboo industry: ecology, production, life, and inheriting the history of Hsinchu City Its roots, combined with Yang Ming Chao's great innovation and the limitless possibilities of carving bamboo, show bamboo's green business potential. The forum will also host the International Bamboo Industry Trade Fair. We hope that participants will experience the richness of the bamboo industry in Taiwan.

Nantou Exhibition Area April 13~April 28

The Nantou Exhibition Area will be co-organized by the National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Center. The Taiwan Bamboo Art Exhibition Area, which is the focal point of the exhibition hall in Chaotun Park, will plan artisanal dialogues, international entrepreneurship and technological cross-domain themes. It will present the bamboo art works of classical domestic artisans and contemporary Taiwanese bamboo art design. It presents viewers with innovative, innovative design and creative techniques that combine digital creation, contemporary bamboo art, and challenge the results of in-depth research and testing using the limits of bamboo materials to bring people closer to the craft from the point of view of promoting “living crafts”. In addition, this forum will be held from 21 to 22 April at the main venue of the Craft Center. International visitors will be specially arranged for international visitors to Chuchushan bamboo culture to bring Taiwan bamboo art to a larger international market and stage through international exchanges.

During the forum, Taiwanese craftsmen will demonstrate their masterful bamboo art techniques and offer a limited free bamboo art experience with on-site registration. Participants will have the opportunity to experience Taiwan bamboo art together with international visitors. At the same time, the dynamic event “Takehō City” will be held on the weekend of April 13 to 21 at the Yasha Square in Sho Dun. It will invite native bamboo processors, unique creative food stalls and rich handicraft experiences, and will be presented with bamboo works such as live bamboo walls and bamboo integrated materials, emphasizing bamboo ecology, craftsmanship, and art The support and performance of magic and faith, as well as the results of the local bamboo industry. From Taiwan's traditional bamboo industry to the new generation of bamboo culture, it shows the link between bamboo crafts in local culture and life, specifically showing bamboo as a part of the cultural design of everyday life.

Yunlin Exhibition Area April 19 ~ April 28

The main focus of the Yunlin exhibition area on the axis is to create a healing space with bamboo structures in Okatsu Bamboo Forest, which was jointly invested with resources by the Department of Transportation and Tourism Department and the Yunlin County Government to create a healing space that opens up five senses of experience. COMBINING LOCAL MATERIALS INTEGRATES BAMBOO ARCHITECTURE FULLY INTO THE LOCAL BAMBOO ENVIRONMENT, TRANSFORMING DERELICT BAMBOO FOREST INTO A HEALING RESTING BASE WHILE REPAIRING PAST LAND WOUNDS. A series of healing and spiritual activities that are friendly to modern people are designed with five senses of experience. Yoga, carols, teas and perfumes are held in the bamboo grove. The ultimate experience is to release the stress of the body and mind. There are bamboo constructions and special exhibitions on the heritage of the Beinan bamboo structure in the “Doulusugar Factory” park。

Bamboo has played an important role in the development of Taiwan's industry. In today's urgent international pursuit of environmental sustainability and net zero carbon emissions, bamboo, which grows fast and has a high carbon footprint, is once again attracting national attention and bringing new life opportunities to the bamboo industry. We hope that the first Bamboo Fair in Taiwan and the World Bamboo Forum will inspire attention and commitment to bamboo from all over the world and bring bamboo culture into our lives and work together for sustainable development towards net-zero.

For more real-time information about 2024 Bamboo Expo and World Bamboo Forum, please stay tuned to the official website and community

Official Website:https://www.bambooexpo.tw/
Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TaiwanBambooSociety
Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/taiwanbamboosociety/ 

※2024 Bamboo Expo Information


Exhibition time: March 16 ~ April 28
Exhibition Venue: Alishan Forestry Railway (Garage Park, Chiayi Manufacturing Plant, Chuzaki Station, Iyuenliu Station, Shuisheliu Station, Cross Road Station)

Hualien Exhibition Area

Exhibition time: March 30 ~ April 07
Exhibition Venue: Near the Furi Township Farmers' Association Luoshan Exhibition Center

Hsinchu Exhibition Area

Exhibition time: April 12 ~ April 28
Exhibition Location:
► Guangfu Campus of National Yangming Chiao Tung University (1001 East District University Road, Hsinchu City)
► Hsinchu City General Village (69 Jincheng 1st Road, East District, Hsinchu City)

Nantou Exhibition Center

Exhibition time: April 13 ~ April 28
Exhibition Location:
►Design Museum of National Taiwan Crafts Research and Development Center (573 Zhongzheng Road, Chutun Town, Nantou County)
►Yasha Square (No. 579-3, 579-4, Zhongzheng Road, Chutun Town, Nantou County)

Yunlin Exhibition Area

Exhibition time: April 19 ~ April 28
Exhibition Location:
► Caoling Shibei Forest Healing Base - Shibi Bamboo Chongsen Park
► Douliuk Sugar Factory - Bamboo Chung Base

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